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The Aerial Guys deliver TV aerial and satellite services across the North of England. That means that if you live in the region, we can be with you in no time – when you need us most.

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    Television Setup and Aerial Services

     The Aerial Guys are qualified aerial engineers who are experienced in all aspects of diagnosing and rectifying TV reception problems. Watching a television which is suffering from a poor picture can be frustrating which is why our services are designed to be as accessible and as straightforward as possible.

    We can provide you with TV aerial installation in Leeds for homes who are currently using a small indoor aerial or who wish to upgrade their existing roof aerial. We can also provide aerial alignment in Leeds which is going to place your aerial into the best position possible for superior TV reception. Whatever the issues you’re facing when watching television, contact us today to book your aerial engineer in Leeds.

    A map of Leeds - Aerial Installation and Repairs

    Professional Aerial Installation in Leeds

     We are experienced aerial installers in Leeds who have assisted many homeowners in diagnosing their TV reception problems. When we visit your property, the first thing we’ll do is assess your requirements and evaluate your current equipment before then providing you with a quotation for us to carry out the services required.

    If your current aerial is not fit for purpose, we can install a variety of digital aerials in Leeds which are designed to provide you with the full suite of Freeview channels that are available in the UK. And because of the quality of the aerials we supply and our knowledge of the correct installation procedures, buying a new aerial from us will transform the picture quality of your television.

    TV aerial repairs Leeds

    The Aerial Guys carry out TV aerial repairs throughout the whole of Leeds. Our professional TV aerial engineers have been delivering the best possible service to satisfied customers for over 25 years. In that time, we have encountered an array of aerial problems. Therefore, you can count on The Aerial Guys’ experience and expertise.

    If your TV reception is pixelated or breaking up, The Aerial Guys can repair your TV aerials in Leeds in no time. The Aerial Guys offer a comprehensive TV aerial repair service for all types of TV aerials, digital aerials and all other aspects of TV equipment. We can provide a huge range of TV aerial repairs in Leeds, including (but not limited to) the following:

    TV Aerials Storm Damage Domestic TV Aerials
    Digital roof Aerials Roof Aerials HD Home Networks
    Coaxial Cable Loft Aerials Communal Systems
    Aerial Wire Aerial Sockets Commercial Systems
    Masts Coax Plugs & Connectors Bedroom Aerials
    Wall Brackets Radio Aerials Multipoint Systems
    Chimney Brackets DAB Aerials Multi-room Aerials
    Amplifier Boosters FM Aerials

    Aerial services Leeds

    Satellite dish installation Leeds

    At The Aerial Guys, we are also experts in satellite installations and replacements. If you’re looking for a comprehensive satellite dish installation in Leeds, then our engineers can install your whole satellite TV system – from fitting your satellite dish to configuring your set-top box and all associated cabling. At The Aerial Guys, we have specialist knowledge in all the main satellite services, including Sky, Freesat and European satellite installations.

    If you are concerned that your satellite signal is intermittent or scrambled, or your picture is frustratingly pixelated, then put your worries aside, The Aerial Guys are fully equipped to carry out full satellite dish maintenance in Leeds and the surrounding area.

    Our professional engineers keep a wide range of equipment suitable for all the main satellite platforms in stock, which means that we can often fix your issue on arrival. We also supply comprehensive TV wall mounting services, so we can assist you through all steps of your TV set up.

    For more information on satellite dish installation in Leeds, check out our helpful and informative PDF – Satellite dish installations and replacements in Leeds.

    Satellite Repair Services in Leeds

    Is your satellite signal pixelated or breaking up? Don’t settle for anything less than perfection with The Aerial Guys’ satellite repair services in Leeds. If you choose our services our expert engineers can usually carry out your satellite dish repair in Leeds the very same day! Our professional engineers are passionate about delivering efficient, courteous and tidy repairs and carry all the latest satellite equipment from all the major brands, meaning that we can provide comprehensive sky dish repairs in Leeds and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with The Aerial Guys today on 0113 4182391 for more information.

    Satellite Repair Services in Leeds

    Other aerial services in Leeds

    At The Aerial Guys, we do not only deliver TV aerial and satellite installation services, we also provide an array of other aerial services in Leeds.

    These include:

    • Freeview installation
    • BT, YouView, TalkTalk & EE TV
    • HD distribution systems
    • New build property
    • Freesat installation
    • Sky installation
    • European satellite TV installation
    • TV wall mounting
    • Commercial sector

    So, if you are looking for aerial services Leeds or are in need of a local TV aerial installation in Leeds, make sure you speak to The Aerial Guys today on 0113 4182391.

    The Aerial Guys: Experts in Aerial and Satellite Installations

    The Aerial Guys are capable of providing you with a variety of aerial services including the installation of a new satellite dish in addition to the repair of your existing aerial or satellite if it has sustained damage. Our engineers are knowledgeable and approachable and will always discuss your needs with you to provide you with the best possible solution.

    Start enjoying crystal clear TV reception by calling us today to book your visit by one of our skilled aerial engineers. Once we’ve assessed your current TV setup we’ll outline your options and provide you with a free, no obligation estimate for the repair work or upgrades you require.

    How The Aerial Guys helped Hannah in Leeds

    “It was my children that begged me to get a satellite system fitted. So, after saving up for some time, we finally got the system we’d all been dreaming about, just over a year ago. At first, everything was fine. Until one day my son just couldn’t get the set-top box to work. We tried everything but the picture just wouldn’t connect somehow. “The main company we’d bought it from were hopeless so I decided to try a local company. The Aerial Guys were round at our house the very next day and fixed the issue almost immediately. It transpired that it was something quite straightforward but, of course, we needed an expert to tell us that!

    “I was so impressed with The Aerial Guys that I’ve recommended them to all my friends. I really appreciated the fact that the quote was upfront too. It makes everything so much easier when you know what you’re dealing with. I’m just so relieved it’s all sorted out and the TV is actually working for once!” Hannah says.

    The Aerial Guys in your area:

    The Aerial Guys aim to give the best possible coverage across the North of England. That means that if you live in the region, we can be with you in no time – when you need us most. Our expert aerial engineers cover the entire M62 corridor, servicing Lancashire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. Chances are, if you live in the North, we can almost certainly deliver our TV aerial and satellite services to you.